To 2014 ήταν η χρονιά της Jennifer Lopez! Αν δεν το πιστεύεις, δες

Κι όμως, το 2014 ήταν η χρονιά της Jennifer Lopez. Τι να πρωτοθυμηθούμε; Τις sexy εμφανίσεις της; Τους απίστευτους κοιλιακούς της;

Πάμε να τα πάρουμε από την αρχή:

Έτσι ήταν η Jennifer Lopez το 2000.

In 2000 we had iconic Jennifer Lopez.

Δεν την λες και κακή ε;

Obviously, I mean, she gave us moments we'll never forget.

Αλλά έτσι ήταν το 2000.

Ας δούμε τώρα πως είναι η Jennifer Lopez φέτος.

First of all look at her in this pink dress and then pick your jaw up off the floor.

Please look at her right leg.

And her left leg.

Look at how angelic she looks in this dress.

Δηλαδή αλήθεια τώρα!

Seethe with jealousy over how her abs look in this dress.

Και οι απαραίτητοι κοιλιακοί.

But maybe more so how they look when she's just walking down the street.

Επαναλαμβάνουμε ότι είναι 45 χρονών.

And don't forget she's 45 years old.
She's literally stepping on anyone who has ever tried or will try to wear yoga clothes.

I already mentioned her abs, but it's worth noting that when you can only see her midriff it's just as impressive.

As is just that triangle area. Very impressive triangle area.

Σοβαρά, το 2014 ήταν η χρονιά της.

The simple truth is 2014 was HER YEAR.

Μην ξεχνάμε και το “Βooty” ε;

Proof That 2014 Jennifer Lopez Is Superior To Any Other Jennifer Lopez

Η Jennifer Lopez αποδεικνύει ότι η ηλικία είναι απλά ένα νούμερο και δεν σημαίνει τίποτα παραπάνω.

She is living proof that age is nothing but a number.

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Proof That 2014 Jennifer Lopez Is Superior To Any Other Jennifer Lopez

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