Μοντέλο χάνει 70.000 followers στο Instagram επειδή ανακοινώνει ότι δεν θα ξαναποστάρει φωτογραφίες με μαγιό - Page 2 of 2 - Mad TV
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Μοντέλο χάνει 70.000 followers στο Instagram επειδή ανακοινώνει ότι δεν θα ξαναποστάρει φωτογραφίες με μαγιό

Μοντέλο χάνει 70.000 followers στο Instagram επειδή ανακοινώνει ότι δεν θα ξαναποστάρει φωτογραφίες με μαγιό
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Η ανακοίνωση της νέας της απόφασης στο παραπάνω post έφερε μία τεράστια αλλαγή στους Followers της: ΕΧΑΣΕ 70.000 από αυτούς! Πιο συγκεκριμένα από τη στιγμή που ανακοίνωσε ότι σταματάει τις φωτογραφίες με μπικίνι, οι followers της από 430.000 έπεσαν στους 360.000!

Ωστόσο, η Sophie είναι πολύ πιο χαρούμενη πλέον αφού δηλώνει στην Daily Mail:

«Όλα όσα έκανα περιστρέφονταν γύρω από αυτές τις φωτογραφίες. Ασχολούμουν και ανησυχούσα συνεχώς με το σώμα μου γιατί πίστευα πως η αξία μου εξαρτάται από αυτό.»

it's time to @divethru_ Have you been all levels of emotional lately? I cried in my shower this morning thinking about the ending of Wonder Women. I also cried uncontrollably for 15 minutes while hugging Rio because I know one day I won’t be able to do that. All of the emotions. Can you relate?!! If you have been going through something similar the past week or so, know you’re not alone. I won’t go all woo woo on you, but the moon plays a huge role in our emotional experience as women. It’s bizarre to me that I can have these crying fits, or deeper, more “I’m not moving from my couch for 2 days straight” experiences and in the moment think I’m so alone. But, when I connect with my girlfriends, I learn that they’re experiencing the same thing. This connection and ability to hear what they’re going through instantly makes me feel better. It doesn’t make me feel better because I’m stoked that they’re hurting. It makes me feel better because it shows me just how connected we all are, especially women. I’ll be completely honest… I have never had a great relationship with my female peers. My own insecurities left me feeling judged, insecure and shut down. It feels like as women we were trained to see each other as enemies, or competition. This couldn't be further from the truth. As of late I have been learning the absolutely necessity of finding people to connect with. I know it can take a long time to find girlfriends who lift you up, so I want to give a space for that right now. Is there something you’re going through that’s making you feel really alone? Or have you been crying uncontrollably about random things? I would love to hear your experience below. But, I'm making a rule.. if you’re sharing – connect with at least one of the other lovely ladies who have shared their experiences. Connect. Relate. Be vulnerable. This isn’t a place to vent or rant. It’s a thread to show up, be heard and connect. It's not about dwelling in these experiences. It's about allowing them to be heard and then instantly releasing them. Okay, go! Tell me what you're going through. Or, what you have been crying about recently. Share, and know it's a safe space to do so.

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Δεν είναι η πρώτη φορά που η Sophie κάνει post στο οποίο μιλάει για κοινωνικά θέματα που την απασχολούν. Πριν λίγους μήνες είχε μοιραστεί τον προβληματισμό της σχετικά με ένα Instagram live που είχε κάνει, στο οποίο είχε δεχθεί πολλά σεξιστικά σχόλια, που την επηρεάσαν ψυχολογικά.

it's time to @divethru_ I just did my first Instagram Live and am incredibly shaken up. I'm not sure the algorithm @Instagram uses to share the video but it reached an audience I have had the pleasure of not coming across before. "You're a whore." "Show me your tits." While I couldn't hide my rage during the video, afterwards I internalized. I actually for a split second got mad at myself. "Sophie, it's because you were wearing a low top. No wonder. You need to go and change before going out today." Hold the fucking phone. No. I could have done that video entirely fucking naked and those comments wouldn't have been my fault. But, our society has taught us that we are to blame. We're the ones who should be ashamed and hide our bodies. But, don't hide it too much or men won't like you. Ohhhhh, but no don't show it that much, now you're a slut. I saw the tiniest bit of this side of the world today. But, every day women are subjected to this kind of harassment and that is not okay. While to be honest, I'm uncomfortable talking about the topic for fear of saying something wrong.. but, what I want to say is this: Ladies, you are not obligated to be anything for anyone. Your body is not for the viewing pleasure of others. It is not your requirement as a female to wear push up bras, shave your legs, wear stylish clothes, have a face full of makeup and be something you're not. You don't have to be anything other than what YOU FEEL. You, exactly as you are is enough. You are pretty enough. You are smart enough. You are kind enough. You are enough – and actually, you're just all around fucking awesome. Andddd, I'm going to leave it there.

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Εν τω μεταξύ η Sophie έχει διαμορφώσει εδώ και καιρό αυτή την body positive φιλοσοφία, καθώς εδώ και 2 χρόνια, εκτός από χαρούμενες φωτογραφίες του εαυτού της, μοιράζεται quotes που εμπνέουν τις γυναίκες να είναι ο εαυτός τους και να μην νοιάζονται για τα κακεντρεχή σχόλια των άλλων.

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